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Most of the Latest Terrorist Attacks on American Soil Were Done by the CHILDREN of Muslim Immigrants/Refugees

I took an interest in this subject because someone I love very much lives in Columbus, Ohio, and that person lived in the same apartment complex as the person who committed the terrorist attack at Ohio State University. I went to Wikipedia to discover more about this neighbor who ran over students with a car … Continue reading

Veteran’s Day, the Cause of War, and the Necessity of Pursuing Doctrinal Purity

I began to think about the causes of war. Continue reading

Pope Francis: A Spiritual Adulterer Who Is Bringing Other Lovers Into the Temple of God

Today I saw a horrendous image. I saw those who carry the name of Christ being joined to idol worshipers. I watched as the religious leaders of the world betrayed God. The name of my website is┬áThe Narrow Way, yet today I watched as Pope Francis promoted the broad way. His attempt to bring about … Continue reading

Will You Be Found Faithful? Caring About the Heart of God in an Age of Apostasy

  My new book will be released nationwide on September 29, 2015. It will also be available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and other online book sellers. Did you know you don’t have to abandon God to be unfaithful to Him? You just have to ADD other lovers! This is what the ancient Israelites did. … Continue reading

My New Book: “Will You Be Found Faithful? Caring About the Heart of God in an Age of Apostasy”

My new book will be coming off the press sometime this summer. It’s a small book, under 100 pages, so it should be a quick read. Here is the anticipated cover: I hope this book will help answer some of the following questions: What does it mean to be faithful to God? How does one … Continue reading

The Walking Dead and the Conquest of the Canaanites

In a recent episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” (the number one show on television) the main character, Rick, and his group, slaughtered a cadre of zombie apocalypse survivors who had become cannibals. The cannibals had put up signs to a place called “Terminus” that promised survival for those who could get there, but when … Continue reading


Why am I WAITING for “Shalom?”

"They tell how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God, and to wait for his Son from heaven . . ."
(1 Thessalonians 1:9b-10a)

The word "shalom" in the Hebrew has many meanings which indicate restoration, renewal, friendship, peace, safety and so on. At one time, God placed his creation in a perfect garden--a place of safety, security, provision and peace--and we disobeyed God, losing 1) our relationship with God and 2) paradise.

Since that time, we've attempted to bring back both of these losses in our own way. Religion is our attempt to gain back our relationship with God, and politics is our attempt to gain back paradise.

The solution to both of these losses is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet the world refuses to believe the good news! Instead they try to attain the restoration--the shalom--in their own way through their own effort.

I believe that the kingdom of God is restored in the hearts of men as they receive Christ's finished work, but the kingdom of God doesn't come physically to earth until Christ comes.

Any effort to bring about the promise ahead of time in our own strength is akin to Abraham going to Hagar for fulfillment of the promise instead of waiting with Sarah for the birth of the promised child through whom the nations of the earth would be blessed.

The evangelical church is rushing en masse to bring about shalom through their own effort, power, and influence. Men like Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Jim Wallis, and Donald Miller are losing their faith in the promise of Christ that he would prepare a place for them and they're attempting to restore paradise now.

I want to let it be known that I'm WAITING for shalom. I won't be a part of their dream. They are moving ahead of God rather than waiting on God and they will create another Ishmael as a result.